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Our company, founded in 1996 and based in Mariano Comense, has always specialized in the production and assembly of drawers for furniture, as well as in the resale of hardware and accessories (hinges, door systems, etc.) and sliding systems including roller runner slides, retractable slides system and table slides.



by tradition.

The quality of Made in Italy. The artisanal know-how. The precision of the machinery.
Made in Italy is a real lifestyle that goes far beyond the concept of elegance and luxury. Ours is painstaking attention to detail, accumulated wisdom and aesthetic sense, made possible thanks to the conservation of knowledge, which we proudly pass on to our workers since 1996.
MaxBagni production represents the excellence of the Italian craft tradition. The innovation of the machinery and the experience of a highly specialised team allow results of the highest manufacturing level.




We develop projects with professionalism and passion.
We have an in-house design department to offer you customised, perfect solutions. We design furniture for your new bathroom, also in collaboration with your architect. MaxBagni is able to meet every different need, starting from the choice of the material to the definition of the smallest detail. MaxBagni stands out for its attention to design, functionality, but also to the search for new solutions and materials.




More and more people are interested in knowing where the products they buy come from, how they are made and their impact on the world. MaxBagni is an FSCTM-certified company that provides the guarantee that its products are made of wood or paper generated by responsible sources.
Even our cardboard packaging is environment-friendly.